how to dye a human hair wig

How To Dye a Human Hair Wig.

Human hair wigs are slightly more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but they are well worth it. Human hair wigs are not only of the highest quality, but they also look more natural and stay longer. Another significant benefit is that human hair wigs can be styled and coloured without causing damage, whereas synthetic wigs cannot. It should be in the note that dyeing wigs from light to dark is simple, while dyeing wigs from dark to light is more complex. You can get human hair wigs, such as lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and 360 lace front wigs, from internet sites if you wish to dye a human hair wig.

Why Should You Dye Your Human Hair Wig?

One can dye a human hair wig at home, which is probably the finest option. On one side, hair colouring has grown more straightforward. You can effortlessly dye your wig to your desired hue with the help of various guides. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can be dyed at home to save money. If you desire coloured wigs, we recommend purchasing them straight from the manufacturer. Wigs come in a variety of colours and styles, including blonde human hair wigs and highlighted wigs.

So, when it comes to dying our hair, what should we keep in mind? Continue reading to learn how to colour a human hair wig.

What Wig Dyeing Equipment Do You Require?

Hair clips, masks, rubber gloves, light wigs, hair colour, mixing bowl, sponge, a flat wig comb, and newspapers are all required.

Ways to Dye A Human Hair Wig.

1: To Remove Dust from The Human Hair Wig, Wash It

Wash human hair wigs before dying to remove dust and excess oil that has accumulated between the wigs. Allow the wig to air dry or blow dry entirely after washing it to remove all dirt. Before you colour it, let it dry.

2: Combine the Dye Colors

Make use of regular hair dye. Hair colours are on sale at internet businesses or pharmacies. After acquiring the hair dye, combine it with the developer in a plastic bowl. Check the dye’s instructions to see how much dye to mix with the developer. Using a plastic spoon, combine the ingredients. Determine the dose of the human hair wig based on the length of the human hair wig. Metal bowls and spoons should not be in use to mix dyes because metals can oxidize the dyes and cause them to change colour.

3: Putting the Dye On

Wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from the dye’s irritants and stains. Apply the dye to the wig with a paintbrush and check to see if the colour is what you want. If that doesn’t work, try different hair colours. Continue colouring your human hair wig if your desires are reached. In a basin of dye, dip the human hair wig. Gently apply the dye to the human hair wig with your hands, working your way up from the top until the entire human hair wig is with dye.

4: Comb and fix Wig with Human Hair

Wearing the human hair wig on the wig stand helps the wig keep its form and style after colouring. Secure the wig to the stand with a T-pin. To ensure that the colour is spread evenly throughout the human hair wig, comb it with a wide-tooth comb. The dyed hair will appear more natural as a result of this.

5: Wait for the colour to be applied to the human hair wig.

Allow time for the colour to settle on the human hair wig. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the longer the hair dye is in the hair, the more colour it will have! This is incorrect. Check the dye’s box to discover how long it should be stored. This will usually take thirty to forty minutes. Look at the human hair wig’s hue.

6: To Remove Excess Dye, Wash the Human Hair Wig

Wash the human hair wig to remove extra dye after it has been completely coloured. Make use of a gentle shampoo. Rinse under the tap after washing. Applying conditioner at the end of the human hair wig will make it more supple and lustrous. Please avoid applying conditioner to the wig’s root, since this may cause the human hair wig to fall out. Rinse the conditioner with cold or warm water after 5 minutes.

7: The Human Hair Wig After It Has Been Dried

The proper technique to dry a human hair wig is to pat it dry with a towel to absorb any extra moisture. The wig was then hung on a stand and air-dried in a well-ventilated area. If you want to use a hairdryer to dry the human hair wig, use the lowest heat setting possible to avoid damaging it.

How to Dye Your Human Hair Wig Without Dying the Lace?

You’ll need a product like adhesive to cover the lace if you want to avoid dying the lace while dying your human hair lace wig.

  • Brush the wig’s hair back and attach it on the mannequin’s head.
  • Apply a large layer of your glue product and dry it with a low-heat hairdryer or by letting it air dry.
  • To apply a second coat, repeat the previous steps. Proceed to color the hair once it has dried for around 30 minutes. Because of this substance, the net will not stain.
  • The wig should be washed first, followed by the lace. Your net should be completely colorless.

You should be able to safeguard your lace in the long run if you follow these measures!

How to bleach a human hair wig.

This is when things get a little tough. While colouring your wig a darker colour is simple, bleaching it will necessitate extreme caution. Do you know how over-bleaching your hair may make it fall out? You can do the same with your wig as well. However, if you go slowly and steadily, you should be able to achieve excellent outcomes. Make sure to follow these instructions:

  • To remove any styling products, wash and dry your wig.
  • Place the wig on a mannequin head or something similar to keep it in place.
  • Put on your gloves and get your hair bleach ready.
  • Gently dab the bleach product onto the lace.
  • Cover the lace with foil after you’ve bleached all of the knots.
  • It’s time to rinse when the knots turn blonde. Rinse the lace backwards.
  • After washing with a neutralizing shampoo, condition the lace.
  • Allow the lace to air dry. Heat should not be an option!
  • Apply your bleach product to the wig’s hair now that the lace is off limits.
  • To get the color you want, you may need to use the bleach many times. It will require some patience, but it will be well worth it! The more passes you make to bring out the color in darker hair, the more passes you’ll require.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and treat the wig hair as if it were your own. Keep track of the time limits!
  • After removing the bleach product, carefully press the remaining water out of the wig with a towel, then air dry or style with very low heat.
  • Make sure all of the bleach is gone, or those locks will be lost forever.
  • To create the color without over-processing your wig and breaking strands, try using a 20-volume crème developer with bleach (and dreams).
  • Bleaching your wig could shorten its lifespan. However, there are situations when beauty comes at a cost.
  • Although bleaching the knots would give them a more natural appearance, it might harm the hair by weakening the roots and lace.

Precautions to take before you dye a human hair wig.

  1. When combing and detangling your wig, use high-quality brushes and brush slowly and gently. You will lose more hair if you work harder on the roots.
  2. To make wigs last longer, buy multiples and alternate them. You’ll also be able to alter up your look more easily this way. Enjoy your style since life is short!
  3. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to the wig at least a week before dying it to ensure that it is moist and ready to take color!
  4. Always apply a small “test” patch on your human hair wig to ensure that the color is what you want!
  5. Remember that if your wig falls below your shoulders, you should get two boxes of dye just in case!


You can always go to a hairdresser first if you’re apprehensive about colouring your wig. You’ll feel more secure about it next time after seeing them do it firsthand! Quality wigs are costly, and you want them to last a long time!

The best thing about wigs is that because they aren’t your hair, you may be more daring with the colour. Dare to dream, Miss Universe!