How To Curl A Synthetic Wig

How to curl a synthetic wig

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A fantastic technique to update your look is to curl your wig. If you are wondering how to curl a synthetic wig, read on to learn more.

A benefit of applying synthetic hair on a wig or hair system is that it is much less expensive than using human hair. A drawback is that it might be more challenging to shape the hair into a curly hairstyle. 

Unfortunately, using hot tools to curl regular synthetic hair will cause it to melt. In this article, let’s explore the ways you can curl your own synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are quite simple to style. Because they are pre-styled and need little to no maintenance. Synthetic wigs are also quite simple to style. After washing and allowing to air dry, these wigs have a surprising memory for style. And always regain their original shape. 

In this article, let’s explore the ways you can curl a synthetic wig with ease!

How to Curl A Synthetic Wig – A Beginners Guide

Step 1: Preparing Your Synthetic Wig

Preparation is the key to getting the perfect curls. Before you begin curling the hair on your wig, start with a base such as a synthetic wig conditioner.

Use a serum on wigs that are a little bit coarse or prone to frizz. While the hair is still damp, apply the serum. Paying special attention to the mid-lengths to ends and avoiding the roots.

If your wig has fine hair, add some volume before you begin styling. you can achieve this by using a volume-boosting lotion or a thickening spray.

Adjusting The Right Temperature 

The temperature you need should be between 180 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You may make curls with the right temperature settings. Without causing permanent damage to the fibers.

Use a heat protectant designed for sensitive synthetic hair for further protection. We recommend using a Leave in conditioner or a heat styler for synthetic wigs. So that you can style your synthetic wig with heat, .

Using Rollers To Curl Your Synthetic Wig

You can style your synthetic wig or topper in a few different ways. Or style regular synthetic hair in the most secure manner by rolling it using Velcro rollers. You can also use flexible hair rods or plastic curlers. Depending on the size of the rollers, the curls will be more compact, like ringlets.

  1. Use a wide-tooth wig comb to carefully comb through the synthetic hair while it is completely wet.
  1. Roll the hair up with a plastic roller and fasten it with roller clips.
  1. Apply steam from a fabric steamer to each curl.
  1. Dry the hair, take out the rollers and shake.

How To Achieve Tight Curls For Synthetic Hair Wigs 

  • For curlier looks, bind the ends of perm rods with perm paper end wraps.
  • Roll the entire wig up after washing it. Just as you would for a perm on actual hair.
  • Re-apply water to the wig until it is damp.
  • Each curl should receive steam from a fabric steamer. Keep from skipping a roller!
  • Remove the rollers, and allow the hair to air dry. You can then use a low heat setting on a salon hair drier to dry it, shake it up, and then put it on.
  • You can also use the hot water method outlined below.

How to Use Hot Water to Curl a Wig

  • If the curls on your wig are tightly curled. Roll the entire wig on perm rods, as mentioned before. You can also roll the hair on bobby pins rather than perm rods for tight, kinky curls.
  • Water in a pot should be heated almost to boiling.

FYI: To heat the water at home, you can utilize an electric coffee maker and simply put cold water through it. The hot water can then be directly poured over the wig from the pot.

  • The perm rods should cool after being covered in the hot water. Don’t overlook a rod.
  • Remove the rollers, shake, style, and let it dry naturally or on low heat in a salon hair dryer.

Using A Hot Airbrush To Curl Synthetic Hair

Another great method to re-curl frizzy ends on a wig is to use a hot airbrush. It works almost like a warm blow dryer once you turn it on and select the lowest setting. To smooth the frizzy ends, draw the brush through the fibre.

Stylists usually favor applying hotter heat in a more lasting manner. While the airbrush does assist in smoothing out frizzy ends, it does not produce a tight curl. Rather, it creates more of a beach wave.

This is a terrific way to restyle a wig so that the hair is in the direction of your preferred look. It also has a lovely downward curve.

Using a curling iron


Heat-resistant and regular synthetic wigs If not done properly, styling using heat equipment can very easily cause irreparable harm to synthetic fibre. Please get a professional wig stylist to help you style your wigs. If you don’t feel comfortable trying these procedures on your own.

Some claim that a synthetic wig cannot and should not be heated up. Although it can be done, it must be done with extreme caution. Professional stylists have been curling and giving new looks to synthetic wigs for ages. So if you are not confident enough to style your own synthetic wig, you can definitely consult them!

It is also great to use fabric steamers to smooth frayed, frizzy ends. Before adding, curl back to the synthetic hair using a curling iron set to very low heat.

The secret to this technique is to keep the hair completely damp. While applying heat to the fiber with a curling iron. Dry synthetic hair may melt, burn, and adhere to a curling iron if you use one on it.

Using A Curling Iron – Trust the Process

  • After washing, immerse the hair in a spray bottle filled with water. until it is completely saturated. Spraying the fibre frequently is necessary to prevent the hair from drying out.
  • The lowest setting on a curling iron or wand should be used. Spray water inside the two heating components of the curling iron (or wand). You will hear a sizzle as the water cools the surfaces. To keep a curling iron or wand cool, place it on a damp hand towel.
  • Hold the wand with the damp hair wrapped around it for 5-7 seconds.
  • By holding the curl in one hand, you can release it.
  • While it cools, secure the curl to the base so that it keeps its shape. Don’t use clips to secure your curls if you want them a little looser.

How To Curl A Synthetic Wig – Top Tips From Stylists

Everyone from Beyoncé to Rihanna is sporting disheveled waves. Proving that curly hair never goes out of style. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know to style your wig – coming straight from the professionals!

Modern synthetic wigs come in a variety of styles. Styles that can endure low to moderate heat from styling tools.

Be sure to look for directions on the label on the packaging. A safe temperature range will enable you to heat-style synthetic wigs with the “heat resistant” designation.

  • Before using rollers, softly spray your wig with cool water.
  • The piece of hair should be combed to remove any tangles.
  • Before curling, mist the portion you’re working on with wig hairspray.
  • Starting from the ends and rolling each portion toward the wig’s base, wrap the end of the wig hair around the roller.
  • The rollers can be fixed in place with hair clips.
  • Unroll the rollers and spray the wig with wig spray after the wig has dried completely.

Maintenance and Styling 

We highly recommend using a Styrofoam or canvas wig head. So you can steady the wig while detangling and making minor style adjustments.

If you use the proper equipment and materials, straight-style wigs can be easy to brush and comb. To brush your synthetic wig and avoid yanking the hair fibres and shedding, use a looped brush. Use a wig spray to sparingly wet the wig to add moisture and lessen frizz. You can use your fingers to create a tousled style after spraying. For curl creation, if your wig is not heat resistant, you will need to resort to plastic or foam rollers.

Brushing tight-curl wigs might damage the curls, so avoid doing so. To get rid of tangles and knots, finger-detangle curly wigs. Remember that wig hairspray can assist in reducing friction and preserving the look.

Some synthetic hair can handle low heat. So it can be curled with a curling iron on its lowest setting. The hair should first be treated with a little heat protectant. To assist in preventing damage from possible overheating. It is usually advisable to err on the side of caution when curling synthetic hair.

With this technique, the curling iron should be set to be a few degrees lower than the suggested temperature given by the wig manufacturer.


We hope that after reading our guide and knowing how to style your wigs on your own. has given you a little more confidence.

Before destroying a brand-new wig or topper, try some of these techniques on an old one. Practice makes perfect.

Many YouTube videos exist that demonstrate various iterations of these techniques. Do what makes you most comfortable.

You can always take your wig to a wig shop and have them style it for you. If you are uncomfortable trying to heat-curl synthetic hair by yourself.

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