Clip in Hair Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in the hair or beauty industry, or perhaps you’ve seen a friend with them, you may have heard of clip in hair extensions before. As you can probably guess, they are a certain accessory for your hair. They’re widely used in the beauty industry and have gained popularity in recent years. We’ve all become more aware of our hair and are constantly modifying it in different ways. These hair extensions have lots of benefits, and are great for lots of different hair types, and colours. So, read on to find out the answers to your clip in hair extension questions!

What are clip in hair extensions?

Firstly, what exactly are clip in hair extensions? You may have heard of clip in hair extensions before, but that doesn’t mean you already know what they are exactly. That’s probably why you’re here! Essentially, clip in hair extensions are a temporary alternative to the traditional hair extensions, designed to add length to your hair, as well as increase thickness and volume. They come in a wide range of different lengths, colours, thicknesses and more, and allow you to customise your hair.

Many people love them for their temporary nature, as you can have super long hair one day, and short the next. Being temporary, as with many other temporary products, they cause much less damage than regular hair extensions when used correctly and appropriately. They also tend to be much cheaper than regular extensions, which you must have applied professionally. Clip ins can last between 6-12 months or even longer, depending on the material and quality, if you properly care for them.

Natural human hair vs. synthetic clip in hair extensions

It’s no secret that clip in hair extensions can seem very expensive at times, and it’s important that you make the right decision when choosing the perfect extensions for you. Not only do you have to consider the length and colour of them, but you should also consider the material. The two main materials used for clip in hair extensions are natural human hair and synthetic. Both options can be used in any hair, but you may be wondering which are better.

When it comes to human hair extensions, these are generally more expensive, as they must be sourced from a human’s hair. That requires someone with long enough hair to cut it and the company must pay them for this. As you may guess, many people don’t believe this is an ethical process, as it is real hair. That comes down to personal preference.

On the other hand, synthetic extensions are manufactured using different materials in order to make them seem like real hair. The authenticity of synthetic extensions, in terms of how they look and feel, can vary from product to product, and more high-end extensions do tend to be more life-like. However, even the most life-like synthetic locks don’t quite reach the same level as genuine ones do.


One of the biggest differences between the performance of these two materials is when it comes to hot tools. It’s not possible to style most synthetic clip ins using heat, as this will damage the material and burn it. In contrast, you use heat to can style real human hair. Of course, you do need to properly protect human hair extensions when being styled. We’ll talk about this a little later.

Texture and smoothness

Another large difference is that, because real hair is made from natural proteins and other substances from the body, it’s enriched and soft to touch. Whereas, synthetic hair doesn’t boast the same quality. When they’re washed, real hair extensions will retain more moisture than synthetic ones. This is mostly due to the lack of proteins in the synthetic extensions. Despite this, you can still find some high-quality synthetic extensions if real ones aren’t for you.

Will clip in hair extensions damage my hair?

Whenever there’s a new hair product or tool, one of the first things we consider is whether it could cause potential damage to our hair. Healthy hair is happy hair, so we should do everything we can to protect it. This keeps it looking soft, smooth and thick. Not to mention, many people are interested in using clip ins if their hair is damaged. This means causing more damage wouldn’t be very effective.

Of any hair extension option, clip ins are by far the least damaging for your hair. The bonding and gluing of more permanent options tend to be the most damaging part. This is because of the various chemicals which can irritate your scalp and strain your hair. However, clip ins don’t rely on this. You can think of wearing clip in hair extensions just like wearing a normal hairclip – they’re perfectly fine for your hair if you use them properly.

Can I wear clip in hair extensions every day?

When looking for a new hairstyle option or alternative, you may wonder whether this is something you can keep up with in the long-term. For clip in extensions, that would mean wearing them every day, or at least regularly. In all honestly, there’s nothing wrong with wearing clip in extensions every day. We’ve just established that they aren’t damaging for your hair, if you’re using them properly. Plus, once you’ve gotten the hang of attaching your extensions properly, they’ll be a breeze. This means it won’t take very long at all to achieve a flawless blend.

Will clip in hair extensions work for me?

So, you’ve discovered how amazing clip in hair extensions sound, but now you’re wondering if they’ll work for your hair – not everything is universal! However, with these hair extensions, universal isn’t far off. Most people can wear them in order to add length, volume, colour or thickness to their hair. If your hair is curly, although most extensions do come straight, there are plenty of different methods for attaching them. Obviously, they’re even easier to attach if you have straight hair. The only real limit is your hair length. 6-7 inches is the minimum natural length required if you want the extensions to blend seamlessly and undetectably.

How long can I wear clip in hair extensions for?

We’ve mentioned the importance of wearing your hair extensions properly to ensure that you’re not damaging your hair. One of the factors you should take into consideration is how long you’re wearing them for. Remember that clip ins are temporary, and that’s something you should take heed of. This means that it’s best to take out your extensions before going to bed in the evening. This will prevent your hair from being pulled and snagged whilst you’re asleep and give your hair a little time to relax. Our bodies are constantly regenerating overnight. So, you should allow your hair to be free whilst you sleep. This allows your hair to grow and to reap the benefit of clip ins not damaging your hair,

Can I style my clip in hair extensions with heat?

Part of the idea of wearing hair extensions is for them to blend with your natural hair. They also allow you to achieve more styles than you may be able to do already, or at least create the same ones but with more volume and length. Many of us use hot tools on our hair all the time, but what about on hair extensions? If your hair extensions are made from a synthetic material, they probably won’t be able to withstand heat, unless stated otherwise by the company. On the other hand, genuine human hair extensions will. If you are using hot tools on your extensions, just make sure to use a heat protectant and use the lowest temperature setting possible.Our hair can cope with higher heats, as the scalp is constantly renewing it. However, a hair extension doesn’t have the same abilities.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there’s lots of information about clip-in hair extensions that you may not have known before. There are plenty of videos and tutorials out there from stylists to help you to attach your extensions smoothly and seamlessly. When mastered, they’ll be undetectable in the hair. If you were looking for an option to shake up your natural hair without causing it too much damage, clip ins are perfect for you!